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Jack Hall
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Long time tech entrepreneur Jack Hall has joined WelcomeHome Real Estate. Jack has 12 tech startups to his credit, serving initially in seniormarketing and sales roles and then as CEO of five startups. He served on theBoard for the Entrepreneurial Studies at Texas State University passing onskills, experience and knowledge to the next generation of techies.

Since they married Jack and his wife, Rhonda, have restorednumerous homes from the late 1800's and early 1900's while raising 5 kids andcreating tech companies.

“Some people use their spare time to fish or have hobbies. Wehave always restored old homes on the side,” said Jack. They take it seriously, astheir work has been featured by This Old House and Southern Living and theyhave received awards from various historical groups.

Jack grew up in Comfort working on the family ranch and forlocal “old school” builders. He volunteered for militaryservice during the Viet Nam war where he instructed Navy and Marine pilots atNAS Chase Field. He attended Southwest Texas State completing studies inadvertising, public relations and marketing. Jack also added a teaching licenseto his accomplishments.

Jack can help first time and seasoned buyers realize theirHill Country property dreams for both residential and farm and ranch. Whilepursuing his own real estate dreams hehas gained valuable experience in buying and selling negotiations, financingoptions, marketing and finding property deals that make sense.